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A quick stop in the show’s art department set up the special wheel segment he needed – very often on the show they would give away a “Trip” when someone landed on the right part of the wheel, so all he had to do was add a giant “S” onto that space.He then went to see Vanna in her dressing room to set up the rest of the scenario.Cindy spun again and ended up on “Lose a Turn”, then Midge spun the wheel, and guessed an incorrect letter, giving control of the board back to Jason. ” One “S” lit up on the letter board, and Pat said, “OK, there’s one ‘S’, you know what that means, Vanna’s going to reveal that letter, then she’s going to take off a piece of clothing.” Vanna walked over to reveal the letter, then walked back and realized that the cameras were still on her, and Pat and the contestants were still looking at her expectantly.

“Damn,” Pat thought, ” I missed watching her change her clothes! “Well, you see, Vanna, the producers have been talking to me about the future of the show.

Oh well, if this works, I’ll be seeing a lot more of her soon enough.” “Vanna, can I talk to you for a minute? It seems that the ratings took a little dip and they’re looking for ways to cut costs.

And since they changed the letter board last year, so the letters don’t spin any more, they’ve been looking at your role in the show, and trying to justify keeping your position on the show.” Vanna seemed very nervous and asked, “Oh my god, is my contract up? ” Pat calmed her down by saying, “No, no, not just yet.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and not intended as an accurate portrayal of the people mentioned within or their sexual habits.

“Vanna Strips” Starring: Vanna White, Pat Sajak (voy, MFF) by Honker —————————- Pat Sajak was a troubled man.

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