Updating large recordsets takes long time in ms access database

Note that this has been mentioned as a problem with Access 2000 or newer front ends linking to an Access 97 backend. ACC2000: Slow Performance Opening Object with Name Auto Correct - 200600 Slow Performance When User Opens an Object with Name Auto Correct Enabled - 290181 One symptom is that the MDE can be much quicker when it comes to opening forms than the MDB.It would appear that Access 2000 defaults this property to [Auto] if this property isn't set. One report stated the difference was less than one second versus four seconds.But in particular the Sub Datasheet Name property set to nothing can be a problem as it appears Access 2000 will default this value to [Auto].

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Some changes to the database cause Access to make a copy of the project items instead of replacing the old project which can cause an increase in database size.ACC2000: Slower Performance on Linked Tables - 261000 indicates that if the database has many linked tables that also have many relationships, and the table that you are opening has its subdatasheet Name property set to [Auto], this can make the table slow to open.Subdatasheets are a new feature in Access 2000 Therefore, you are more likely to notice this behaviour after you convert a database from an earlier version.- New format of Access MDB - Place backend MDB on the root of the network share rather than several folders down - Shorten the name of the backend MDB - Miscellaneous Performance Suggestions - Virus scanning - System utilities - Outlook 97 Journaling - Queries up to five times slower if user defined functions and Jet 4.0 SP4 or 5 - Use of DSUM, DCOUNT, etc after splitting - Disable SMB Signing - Set Can Grow and Can Shrink on forms section properties to No - Access 2007 design view performance on Vista vs XP - Windows Vista, ODBC and SQL Server 2005 - Playing music severely degrades network transfer performance in Windows Vista before the first line of code is run then it likely needs a decompile.Any of the following tips can also apply in this situation.

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