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"Most people become upset during a breakup," she says, "and lots of guys are needy and manipulative, but they don't commit murder."Experts say a guy who suddenly transforms from insecure to murderous could be called a timid killer: someone who, far from seeming violent or disturbed, is normally peaceful, even gentle…until rejection triggers deep-seated fears or urges.

Certainly, in the case of Kevin and Emily, there were no obvious warning signs that both their lives were about to be destroyed.

The Guy She Fell For Emily was the daughter of activist parents (at 10, she declared herself a vegetarian) and grew up in the small, liberal town of Roosevelt, New Jersey.

She arrived at college in Gettysburg ready to change the world.

His name appeared in the newspaper for making the honor roll and for his arrest on murder charges only a few weeks apart.

Usually boyish-looking, he is ashen in his mug shot, with dark circles underscoring heavy-lidded eyes.

The coroner concluded that she was still alive when her killer drove a 5-inch knife blade into her throat."I keep wondering what would have happened if Emily had grabbed a girlfriend when she went to Kevin's," Theresa says.

"As time went on," she says, "I realized there must be a reason he wasn't answering."At a press conference that afternoon, Adams County District Attorney Shawn Wagner finally announced the victim: Emily Silverstein, a 19-year-old sophomore.

Her alleged killer, Kevin Schaeffer, was 21 and a month away from graduation.

Both were well-liked, with a wide circle of mutual friends.

Soft-spoken but with a sharp sense of humor, Kevin was a campus deejay and a history major.

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