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(Picador) appear tonight in conversation with Seattle writer and activist Ijeoma Oluwo. The writers are emotionally generous as they meditate on this pivotal moment in American history.The 2016 election marked a deeply personal shift in the tides of hope for so many.There was this inordinate amount of pressure on women to remedy any marital problems, to make sure there’s food on the dinner table so that the family is communicating in the evening, to make sure of any kind of religious education or any kind of cultural education.All of that has directly tied into it the identity of being a woman in the family.Women of all walks of life bore witness as one of the most qualified candidates in history, Hillary Clinton, lost to an inexperienced reality star and real estate mogul who boasted about his predatory behavior.Has the country become more misogynistic, or simply shown its true face?She is currently Assistant Director of the Women’s Resource Center at Cornell University and lives in Ithaca, NY.

If you do not yet have a profile, select “New User? Members create their own accounts; a username and password are not assigned when you join the Athenæum.Could you talk a little bit about your process in deciding to write this book, and actually writing it. That isn’t really what’s understood as the Asian American or South Asian American experience.So I had really internalized this belief that I was not intelligent, because my peers within my ethnic community were incredibly successful academically and I didn’t have that same kind of success.I think that a lot of self-help books actually might be in the mainstream, but I do feel like a lot of people of color are drawn to self-help sections of bookstores as well.If anything there’s this assumption that self-help sections are a little bit more “lowbrow” so it really impacts not just necessarily mainstream audiences but more audiences that may not be considered super hip, or the most media savvy, or may not have a ton of access to other types of resources and support structures, that are drawn to the self-help section of the bookstore.

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