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She told him she was gonna run away with me and I was coming to get her and take her away. He asked if I was a threat to his family which I am not cause I dont even know where they live. He said he couldn't bring charges against you unless he had the evidence.

He then said to me “we all make mistakes and I won’t go to the meeting if you agree to pay for the laptop” that is supposedly his company’s laptop that he works for. Please do not worry about this because I am a man of my word as I believe you're a man of your word.

qid=20130724200617AATDXM1 One+News/Crime/Story/A1Story20111122-311991The consequences of this scam can be devastating as evidenced by the 2013 reported suicide of a Texas Professor who was targeted in the same way: It is our theory that this particular scam targeting Reddit user Dazed Guy87 was perpetrated by a criminal gang outside the United States.

We believe this because of a few “bread crumbs” in the way the scam was conducted and the language used.

This is a very clever scam because of the way in which it baits the “mark” into believing that he has committed a felony.

And it doesn’t matter whether it was intentional or not.

If you dont have any of those stores close to you, you can go to their website and look under locations to find something close to you. Before our readers think that he might be a bit naïve, consider that most young adults spend many hours each week in a wide variety of social media like Facebook, Whisper, Instagram, Tinder, Twitter, Snapchat and many others.

He was targeted by this scam and reported the following: "A girl named Donna Church sent me nude pictures and then told me she was underage.

A "Detective Matthews" called me from Greenville South Carolina Sheriff's Office and informed me of the "charges." The phone he called from is 864-777-0283.

I will be signing an arrest warrent in your county.

If you would like to discuss this before I go to the police department I would suggest contacting me ASAP, or get an attorney.

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