Lebanese armenian dating

Santa Claus is presenting presents to kids in church or sometimes he makes personal visits at home. On Christmas morning people visit friends and neighbours.They spend a lovely time drinking coffee or liqueurs and eating sugared almonds.Traditionally nativity scenes are made of brown paper. People in Lebanon often decorate their Christmas trees with orange peels cut into different shapes.On the Christmas Eve people attend the Midnight Mass.Lebanon has rich history, numerous traditions and traditional products. The Lebanese believe that it is good for curing eczema, dandruff etc.Parts of Lebanon especially famous for olive soap are Hasbaiya, Saida, Chouf and Koura.

Villages of Assia and Rachaiya El-Foukhar are known for their beautiful handmade pottery.In everyday life many people actually speak some combination of these languages.The most common combination is the Arabic-French one. It is known for its quality and moisturising characteristics.Enfeh (Anfeh) is a small coastal town in the north of Lebanon. It is famous for its high quality salt harvested from the Mediterranean Sea. Salt scented with various oils can be bought in sachets. Wedding engagements in Lebanon are usually organized in the bride's home. The wedding starts with two parties – one in groom's home and one in bride's home. Classical Lebanese belly dancing is often performed at the wedding reception.With the arrival of groom to bride's home the third party starts. It symbolizes transformation of the bride into a sensual woman. These white butter cookies symbolize bride's purity. When the bride and groom are leaving the bride's home women gathered there give them blessings.

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