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But if you want a challenge and the chance to sleep with a 10, then you should try.To be honest, I don’t date anything but Russian girls these days, they are perfect to me. Don’t use opinion openers, they will say “why are you asking me this stupid question”.Don’t try and lie or tell her what you think she wants to hear, she’ll see through it and be turned off.She’ll be straightforward and might call you out on things.Therefore, the next time you go on a date with a Russian lady, remember the following six tips, which will serve as a guideline ensuring that there is always a second date.Please remember that these guidelines are presented by a Russian man.

Dear friends, For most Western men, Russian women has always remained a mystery.

I consider Russian girls to be the hardest women to date and sleep with.

They are very selective, prone to be old school romantics and want the man to be THE MAN, so they really aren’t for every guy.

In fact, Westerners simply cannot figure out why Russian ladies act differently than typical ladies that Western men are fond of.

In reality, it is true that Russian women are just like any other women except that they demand extreme care and affection from their partners.

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