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Whilst I would have loved to continue riding horses throughout my childhood years unfortunately I had to take over a decade long hiatus from horses returning to it as an adult after completing university in Guelph and moving to the Cayman Islands to take a job as a nanny.It was during my six years in Cayman that I started to look for ways to combine my passion for horses with my degree in Child Studies.

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His seminars are well known for his teaching aids as he brings “bits and pieces” for demonstration purposes to give his audience an in-depth view and understanding of the form and function of the horse.

My primary interests are in becoming an instructor of beginner riders with additional interests in therapeutic riding and business management but I am keeping my options open for whatever might appear along the way.

I look forward to joining you all on this educational adventure as horses truly are a never ending learning process!!

I had my first real introduction to horse’s at the age of 8 when I got to ride one of my aunt’s horses.

After begging my parent’s for riding lessons they finally gave in and at I started taking Western riding lessons.

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