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If you're looking for love, there's a match-making site for everyone — and I mean everyone — these days.Like Purrsonals, a cat-centric dating site for finicky daters.After what felt like the briefest autumn ever, we’re now hurled head-first into winter. It’s with this winter chill in mind that we award our song of the month to In the Cold, Cold Night by The White Stripes. Three official permablitzes, a secret-under-the-radar blitz and a seed dating/companion planting event saw some of the Permablitz Collective folk run off their soil-covered feet! You might just have to cancel it – because this is gonna be awesome! After the success of its inaugural event earlier in the year, the seed dating roadshow headed out west past the Maribyrnong for an afternoon of garden propagation and kitchen chemistry. We had two key zones to Blitz for this day in Kilsyth, designed by Adrian (the Rear/East yard) and Matt (the Front/West yard), both were first time designers. Frost is back, so if you’ve got plants that are sensitive to it such as avocados or bananas, then make sure you have your frost plans ready! But with the blessing of her landlady and an excellent design from Very Edible Gardens, we were all set for some blitz magic! Start with some seedling propagation, then add some good food, kombucha making and… Welcome to the brave (and maybe a little shy, initially) new world of seed dating.

In describing which qualities they were looking for in a potential dating partner, honesty topped the list for women but it didn’t even appear in the top five qualities mentioned by men.“Women said a lot more in their profiles than men did, and they were looking first and foremost for a man who was honest,” says Wendy Watson, Ph.D., who conducted the research along with Charles Stelle, Ph. “Men more often discussed attractiveness and specific physical characteristics they were looking for: essentially a pretty woman who was not overweight.” When talking about themselves, both men and women most often said they were fun-loving and described their favorite leisure activities, ranging from playing cards or watching TV to gardening, golfing, or taking walks.The afternoon was marked by what might be the greatest large scale transformation in the history of permablitz.What was just a plain old lawn morphed into a orchard (with irrigation) literally in front of our eyes! The remit at this blitz was to make and install four wicking beds and renovate an existing wicking bed.

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