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Your Dates Will Show Intention Faster"The New Guy/Girl" syndrome is something we've all faced in dating.

In real-time you can see how they stack-up against the competition. A Dating Strategy Is Effective Ultimately, courting, wooing, dating is fun...yada, yada,'s most fun when the end result is a committed partner. Take the "aggregate dating challenge" — increase the number of people you're dating at once to 5, and maintain that for 30 days.

However, what I do have is several years of hands on matchmaking/coaching experience that has allowed me to interact with thousands of people and it's been through those experiences that I witnessed the strategy of 'dating more than one at a time' is where it's at!

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Wouldn't it have been great to have had the opportunity to compare apples to apples?I guarantee if you talk to 10 women/men in committed relationships, most would tell you they followed (even if very loosely) some type of plan to land them in the relationship they're in. This is a running theme in my pieces..rarely do anything successfully in life without a should not be different. Report back to me on Brunson or on twitter @Paul CBrunson-when you do, I predict you'll have grown exponentially in your dating skills and have an overall higher dating satisfaction rate! Here are my six reasons why you should be dating more than one man at a time!Dating multiple people at once should be a component of that plan. If you have specific questions about any of these tips, please reach out to me via Brunson or twitter @Paul CBrunson If I wasn't a matchmaker, I would be a Scotch Bonnet farmer in Jamaica...seriously, no joke!There are two ways to date: sequentially (one at a time) or aggregately (more than one at a time).If you choose the former, I guarantee, on average, you'll deal with more heartache and finding your partner to jump the broom will take longer!

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    The men I’d normally take an interest in are often just starting their careers, still in undergrad, or staying out until 3AM every chance they get—whereas I’m living the opposite lifestyle, and as a party of two, not one. In spite of this barrage of challenges, I still have hope.

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    You can’t really learn how to improve your interactions with others without learning at least a bit about how to manage your emotions in healthier ways.