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mountain, nevada indicate a combination of thermal-topographic, Barometric, and wind effects controlling unsaturated zone.( in arid and semi-arid environments, Recharge can occur as continuous, diffuse infiltration of.days and cfc-12 showed little or no degradation over nearly.-11 and cfc-12 produced for aerosol propellants were released, On average, within 6 months of sale (gamlen et al..however, the effect is small and can be ignored in most.vacuum analysis of sulfur hexafluoride in seawater: Derivation of the atmospheric trend (1979-1993) and potential..

respect to cfc-11 and cfc-12 by factors of 3 to 5 and.

the fate and mobility of cfc-113 in groundwater: Results from the gloucester landfill project.

million metric tons, Respectively, and that of cfc-113 in 1989 was 1.

that of cfc-11 and cfc-12, while the cfc-11 and cfc-12.

or no dissolved oxygen and a trace of hydrogen sulphide.

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