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Another good one is yaw and your and you're Lastly, a puzzle : can you think of a sentence which is grammatically correct and has the word 'and' in it five times consecutively? ' Regards Griff Keep ing There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't. By the way: For the german superlative you typically add the word 'am ' in front of the adjective and add a suffix -sten instead of -est, which also is quite similar, besides adding 'am'. Hodgin Olaf, It's not strictly true that its is an exception. In those cases, the possessive is a distinct word in its own: I - Its falls into that category.

Regards Griff Keep ing There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't. We have very few irregular cases, and none of them uses 'more' to create the comparative, with the exception of the adjective 'many' itself, of course. I didn't know English wasn't your first language until I saw you on Google . In the case of nouns, the possessive always has an apostrophe. Rick, you mentioned the question of an apostrophe after a name that ends with S: "I pray this in Jesus' name," as opposed to "We went to Thomas's house." I've never been sure about this, so I've always used whichever form seems to me to sound better.

It was not to demean him or his post in any way, but rather to point out that I have never heard that word before. Using uncommon language is a very common mistake for someone, who is not having personal contact to native english speakers, besides forum visits. I look forward to hearing Heaven's language someday though, that's for sure. Hodgin Olaf, Your English is nearly always top rate (first class, prime quality, non pareil). In fact, I've recently noticed that many native English-speakers are making the same mistake. However, there is a "preferred" state, which is: "Although names ending in s or an s sound are not required to have the second s added in possessive form, it is preferred." Per Hodgin I was reading this and I couldn't help myself. The way I understood VFP indexes worked in the original .

I meant that fact to indicate I was lacking in knowledge only. And many here also are not native english speakers. I, for one, rarely have any difficulty understanding you (or, if I do, it's usually a Fox Pro issue, not an English one). So, the following in incorrect: "I opened the table to check it's structure". It's not terrible; it rarely changes the meaning of what they want to say. Mike __________________________________ Mike Lewis (Edinburgh, Scotland) Visual Fox Pro articles, tips, training, consultancy Ok, Mike, I'll pay attention to that. I am right in referring to your posts as "Mike's posts", not "Mikes posts", right? I just had to add: You're sitting in your chair there, and they're sitting in their chair over there. IDX files was a simple binary search of the written key values.

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except there are, perhaps, as many exceptions as words that follow the 'rule' To name but one: their - often misspelt version of they're. Hodgin It's a desciption of a pub sign, newly painted - where the Landlord of the pub is complaining to the signwriter: His pub is called the 'Pig and Whistle' and he rightly compains that the spacing between words is awry: 'The space between Pig and and and and and and Whistle is different! And as clever also is used in German as a foreign word and has the comparative 'cleverer', I wrote that.It's optimised to do what it does, and that is not supporting a reverse lookup.I assume VFP does not have suche a function to get index node position by dbf RECNO(), but determines nodes belonging to the index expression value, the old value, as that is the way to find a node.Of course the old expression is searched and when found the node needs to be moved to the tree position representing the new value, perhaps the node is just deleted and a new node is created, as only in very few cases the index tree won't change, when the new value of the dbf field sorts in the same order position.You might be interested in a more detailed description about the index file structure, than what you can get from the VBFP help.

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