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Abedin’s fans—including the “Don’t quote me, but she’s amazing” sources for this story—uniformly marvel at her grace and gentleness.

C.-La Guardia shuttles and knowing which donors need a photo op—all while monitoring Clinton’s meals and hair appointments and cellphone. Two years later, she got a White House internship, entering Hillaryland in 1996, around the time President Clinton was first locking eyes with intern Monica Lewinsky.

The FBI investigation into alleged mishandling of classified information ended without charges filed in July.

But partly because FBI Director James Comey, in his unprecedented public explanation of that decision, called her “extremely careless,” Clinton was unable to shake suspicions that she did something wrong.

When Clinton ran for the Senate in 2000, older White House aides moved on, and Abedin moved up the ladder.

By 2007, as Clinton was organizing her first presidential run, Abedin had become close to fashion icons like Anna Wintour and Oscar de la Renta and was becoming a kind of cult figure in New York politics because of her penchant for designer bags and dresses.

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