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After shots were fired in a Midtown nightclub in 1999, Combs was arrested along with his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. He went to jail, Combs was acquitted and Lopez was released without charges. Martinez has kindled a friendly relationship with Lopez in the years since. Though her performing career disappeared, the stars remained still in Martinez's life. Blige became a close personal friend, advising Martinez on her love life — and even loaning her money when she was faced with eviction.One year, Lil Wayne called Martinez from Miami on her birthday. His emissary jumped on a plane and arrived at her door hours later, handing over a box.Angela accepted in the United States by her nickname The Voice of New York. Martinez was born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York to her parents Shirley Maldonado.Angela is mostly known to resemble facial similarities to great singer Jenifer Lopez.

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One night she played "In My Lifetime," a track from from an unknown Brooklyn rapper named Jay Z.Inside was "an outrageous, brilliant, flawless diamond tennis bracelet,” she recalled.Wayne was soon on the phone to say Martinez had been so kind to him when he was on her show that he felt compelled to send along the glistening thank you. In 2002, Nas got into a beef with the station, and made it personal when he claimed on Power 105.1 that he'd once been called in to "save Martinez's job." There was blood in the water.Jay Z was on air with Martinez within hours to rant about how difficult R.Kelly had been on the "Best of Both Worlds" tour, supporting their album "Unfinished Business." He was still on the air when Kelly called to say he wanted time to speak his piece, too. Kelly arrived to repudiate everything Jay Z had just said. Blige, she decided to make her move and set up meetings with Power 105.1.

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