Adult dating passwordz soul dating

We left our computers open, email and Facebook logged in, and didn’t worry about snooping or invasion of privacy with each other. Though this story is my own, I’m certainly not alone in the password swap or the snooping significant other.

It wasn’t a conversation we had, but as trust grew in the relationship, we simply left more things accessible in the digital realm. After we had been dating about six months, I got a call while I was on a business trip in Atlanta. We moved on eventually but the breach of trust on both sides of the relationship never left. In fact, teens seem to think of password sharing as a modern-day equivalent of exchanging letterman jackets or senior class rings.

I was starting to doze as she played a game on my phone. She had found old correspondence between Hayden and I in my text messages. Whatever small amount of trust there was easily abused.

Sadly, about half of them had their suspicions confirmed — their partner was cheating.

The evidence usually surfaced in text messages or through direct Facebook messages.

“She went on and checked his Snapchat score to see if his points had gone up for more than one person. ” She said she has another pair of friends who have been dating for a while and have a policy in place: they know each other’s Facebook and email passwords at all times.

To me, having a “policy” regarding sharing passwords is even creepier than Snapchat score stalking.

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